Fresh-Aire AHU UV Air Purifier System

Fresh-Aire AHU UV Air Purifier System

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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AHU 1 UV Air Purification System. Versitle Multi-Lamp Options for Air Handlers. High Output - Water Resistant. Up to 4 Remotes. Replacement Bulbs.

Fresh-Aire UV AHU Series Germicidal UV Light System for Central Air Systems. Power Supply is completely sealed for mounting in Wet Conditions. Waterproof Connector with 6 ft lead allows safe routing of cables within the Air Handler. Install multiple UV Lamps to maximize UV disinfection effectiveness.

  • Water Resistant Shielded UV Lamp
  • High Efficiency Electronic Ballast
  • Magnetic "Z" Bracket. No need for drilling, precise measuring or small screws in tight air handlers.
  • Lifetime Power Supply Warranty

  • Multi Voltage 120 - 277 VAC
    120V - 0.51 Amps    277V -  0.22 Amps
  • Power Unit:  8.75"L (1-2 Lamps) or 13"L (3-4 Lamps) X 3.5"W X 2.5"D
  • UV-C Bulb:  15"L X 0.74" Dia
  • 120V Plug 3 Prong Option

  • AHU Kit Includes:  Power Supply (Can be mounted inside Air Handler), 6 ft Lamp Cable, UV Lamp(s), "Z" Brackets, Mounting Hardware and Panel Indicator.

 100S-1    Single 1 1 Year
 100D-1    Dual 2 1 Year
 100T-1   Triple 3 1 Year
 100Q-1    Quad 4 1 Year
 200S-1    Single 1 2 Year
 200D-1    Dual 2 2 Year
 200T-1  Triple 3 2 Year
 200Q-1  Quad 4 2 Year
Add "OS" to Model # for Odor Splice Bulb
120V  3 Prong Plug End Option
CBL5 5ft Remote Mount Extension Cable
INTLCK Door Interlock Kill Switch Kit
TUVL-115P / TUVL-215P
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