PREVENT WRAP-AROUND Air Conditioner Condenser Filter

PREVENT WRAP-AROUND Air Conditioner Condenser Filter

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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Permatron PREVENT WRAP-AROUND Condenser Filter fits any outdoor Air Conditioner Condenser unit. Protects Air Conditioner Condenser. Permanent and Washable.   
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The Condenser Protection Filter wraps around the outside of the Condenser Coil. The Permatron Wrap Around filter is held in place by 3 bungee cords across the rear of the air conditioning unit.
  • Should be Rinsed and Cleaned monthly, as required.
  • Clean by spraying with a mild detergent and back flushed (rinsed) with a garden hose
  • Media contains UV Protection
  • Extremely low resistance to Air Flow (0.2 in. w.g.)
  • UL Class 2 rated
  • 5 Year Waranty



PREVENT Condenser Media  38" X 110"
Cut to Size or Fold Media for a Clean Fit
3 - 20" Bungee Attachment Cords Included
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