Duct Installed Fans

HVAC Systems may require a DUCT AIR BOOSTER FAN   to compensate for poor layout and design or a change to the original design. Living areas may be too hot or cold - causing uncomfortable conditions or inefficient energy usage.


  • Area may be located too far from the Furnace. Long Duct Runs reduce air flow and delivery of Heat.
  • Area may be located over an unheated space, such as a garage. The duct is undersized and cannot get enough Heat to that space.
  • Area may have poor air circulation or no Return Air Duct.


  • Area may be located too far from Central Air System. Long Duct Runs cause a reduction in Air Flow. The cooled air warms by the time it reaches the problem space.
  • Area location may have an effect, such as a southern exposure with large windows causing an exceptional heat gain.
  • Problem area may be upstairs where cool air, which is dense and heavy, has trouble rising. The duct may be undersized.

DUCT AIR BOOSTER FANS are installed in existing Supply Air Ducts to boost Air Flow into hard to heat or cool rooms. They are suitable for Sheet Metal and Flexible or Fiberglass ducts. DUCT AIR BOOSTER FANS are available in Single or Two Speed models and are comonly wired to turn On / Off with the HVAC System. They can SAVE ENERGY by reducing the system load.