• FLOW-THROUGH BY-PASS  Humidifier

Flow Through By-Pass Humidifier
is designed with a Water Valve at the top. The water valve opens when there is a call for humidity - from a Humidistat or the On/Off cycling of the Furnace. Water is sprayed onto an Aluminum Ceramic Coated Pad. Heated Duct Air is bypassed through the water pad - evaporating the water - adding moisture (Humidity) to the air.

  • DRUM BY-PASS  Humidifier

Water is supplied by Water Valve & Float to the humidifier reservoir. A foam media pad is mounted on a cylindrical Drum Frame which is attached to a small motor. When there is a call for humidity - from a Humidistat or when the Furnace cycles ON, the Drum rotates through the water reservoir. Ducted Hot Air flows through the humidifier - evaporating the water held by the foam media. 


Under Duct Humidifiers are similar in operating design to the Drum type, but mounted under the duct. Water is supplied to the reservoir by Water Valve & Float. When there is a call for humidity by a Humidistat or when the Furnace cycles On - a row of Perforated Bronze Discs rotate on a shaft through the water in the reservoir. The discs protrude through the bottom of the duct. Passing air evaporates the water held in the discs - adding moisture (Humidity) to the air.

  • STEAM VAPOR  Humidifier

Low temperatures generated by some Heat Pumps and Electric Furnaces don't always provide enough Evaporative Heat Energy to function at full capacity. Vaporative Steam Humidifiers produce pure steam vapor - sterile and free from minerals. When water in the reservoir, heated by an Electric Element reaches 180 degrees, the Furnace Blower dissipates the steam humidity through the building.