UV Light Duct Lamps: Purifiers

ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT TECHNOLOGY is a proven, economical, and effective means of controlling Microbial Pathogens. Pathogens are sub-micron organisms that fall in the Fungal, Bacterial and Viral categories. They are too small to be captured by standard filtration methods.

The sun produces 3 bands of Ultra-Violet Light which fall below our visible light spectrum. The "C" band of Ultra-Violet light is which we produce artificially to control microbes in air and water filtration systems. Micro-organisms cannot live in the presence of UVC light rays. UVC light is produced within a bulb similar in design to a fluorescent bulb.

ULTRA-VIOLET Lamp Fixtures can be easily added to an existing HVAC System. Lamps can be installed in the main supply, return air duct and/or HVAC Air Handler. 

Condensation on air conditioning coils and standing water in the coil pan below provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Wet A/C coils contaminated with high levels of pollen and dust can allow mold colonies to grow. A UVC Lamp installed above the A/C coil can eliminate these problems. A UVC Lamp system can also be installed in the supply and/or return air ducts - effectively purifying the air as it circulated thru the system.