PO/PC OPPOSED BLADE 3 Wire Duct Damper | 14" thru 18" Wide

PO/PC OPPOSED BLADE 3 Wire Duct Damper | 14" thru 18" Wide

Our Price: $150.77

Weight: 40 lbs.

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14" / 16" / 18" Wide Sizes. Young Regulator 3165 Power Open / Power Close 3 Wire Motor. Zoning Control Panel Compatible

Young Regulator Model 3165
Opposed Blade Louver Duct Damper. Aluminum and Stainless Steel with a Galvanized Steel Mounting Plate. 24V Actuator will drive the motor open and closed. General application includes use in Air Ducts to control airflow with a single pole / double throw thermostat.

  • High Torque 24V Motor with special windings and heavy-duty gearing crosspin drive on shaft - provides direct drive.
  • 24V Synchronous Actuator
  • Maximum Static Pressure - 1.0" WG   
  • Side or Bottom Mount Motor Options
  • Low Leakage - 7% at 1000 cfm

  • Zoning Control Panel Compatible
  • Gasketing and tight fit reduces metal to metal rattle.
  • 5" Mounting Face Plate / 2 1/8" Damper Thickness
  • Dampers are undersized by 1/8" for easy Slip-in
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction with Individual Teflon Bearings
  • Timing - 15 Seconds Powered Operation to Open / to Close

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3165  DAMPER SIZES   W" X H"
14X6 14X8 14X10 14X12 14X14
16X6 16X8 16X10 16X12 16X14
18X6 18X8 18X10 18X12 18X14
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