Standard Multi Zone Control Panels

Standard Multi Zone Control Panels

Our Price: $110.21

Weight: 40 lbs.

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IO HVAC Controls Zone Panels. Standard 2 & 3 Zone Control - Up to 6 Option. Use with any 2 & 3 Wire Dampers. Contractor Friendly.


IO HVAC CONTROLS  2 and 3 Zone Panels for Residential and Light Commercial applications. All Panels accommodate 2 and 3 wire dampers. Single Stage, Multi-Stage and Heat Pump Systems.

  • Auto Changeover
  • First Call Priority with Time Share
  • LED Status Indicator Lights
  • Independent Fan Control by Zone
  • Short Cycle Protection
  • Use with 2 or 3 Wire Dampers
  • Purge Cycle option
  • 10 Year Warranty


   ZP2-HC   2 Zone  Single Stage H/C
   ZP3-HCMS   3 Zone  Multi-Stage H/C
   ZP-3-HPS 3 Zone  Heat Pump
   ZP-6 6 Zone  Universal
   ZP6-EP 3 Zone  Expansion Panel 
  Aluminum Back Plate with Mounting Holes
  Snap Track Mounting with (2) Back Plate Screws
  8" H X 6" W X 1.5" D       -40° to 150° F
3 Minutes off between Cooling Calls
3 Minutes off on Low Limit
20 Minutes Time Share
Allow 2 Business Day Order Processing
by IO HVAC Controls
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