Twinning / Paralleling Kit. Dual HVAC Equipment Control

Twinning / Paralleling Kit. Dual HVAC Equipment Control

Our Price: $217.94

Weight: 40 lbs.

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IO HVAC Controls Twinning Kit. Control 2 HVAC Units with 1 Thermostat. Parallel operation. Single, Muli-stage and Heat Pump. Expandable to 4 HVAC Units.


IO-TWIN Universal Twinning & Paralleling Kit allows a single Thermostat to control 2 separate HVAC units. Can be expanded to control a total of 4 HVAC Units.

Twinning & Paralleling Kit can be used with Single Stage, Multi-Stage and Heat Pump equipment.

  • 18 gauge Thermostat Wire required
  • Separate 24V / 40VA Transformer needed
  • Thermostat / HVAC Units located up to 300 ft from Twinning Kit
  • Thermostat must be Equipment compatible
  • 2 Panels can be wired together to control 4 HVAC Units


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