Zone Control Panel with Static Pressure Damper Control

Zone Control Panel with Static Pressure Damper Control

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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IO HVAC Controls Zone Panels with Static Pressure Sensor. Use with 3 Wire MD Series Dampers. Eliminate By-Pass Dampers


IO HVAC CONTROLS  ESP Zone Panel combines the ZP2 / 3 Panel and the ESP-Static Pressure Sensing Control

No need for a Bypass Damper. 2 and 3 Zone Panels available for Residential and Light Commercial applications. Single Stage Heat / Cool, Multi-Stage Systems and Heat Pump Systems.

The ESP Zone Control System incorporates the ESP Static Pressure Control which continuously monitors the system static pressure and signals closed Zone Dampers to proportionally open until the proper static pressure level is maintained.

Use with standard 3-Wire MD Series Dampers

  • Built-in Static Pressure monitoring
  • Auto Changeover
  • First Call Priority with Time Share
  • LED Status Indicator Lights
  • Independent Fan Control by Zone
  • Short Cycle Protection
  • Use with 2 or 3 Wire Dampers
  • Adjustable High / Low Limit
  • (HPS)  Adjustable High / Low Balance Points
  • 10 Year Warranty


ESP Static Pressure Sensing Control
  ZP2-HC-ESP  2 Zone   Single Stage H/C
  ZP3-HCMS-ESP  3 Zone   Multi-Stage H/C
  ZP3-HPS-ESP  3 Zone   Heat Pump
  ZP6-ESP  6 Zone   Universal
  ZP6-EP 3 Zone  Expansion Panel 
  Aluminum Back Plate with Mounting Holes
  Snap Track Mounting with (2) Back Plate Screws
  8" H X 6" W X 1.5" D       -40° to 150° F
3 Minutes off between Cooling Calls
3 Minutes off on Low Limit  |  20 Minutes Time Share
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